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The CIFPA-GFOA FM Model for North America is a self-assessment tool that helps public managers evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their financial management practices. This enables a government to chart a path for improvement, not only to increase financial management acumen but, ultimately, to increase the value that constituents receive for their tax dollar.

Better financial management means higher trust of government from the public, greater confidence from elected officials, and more effective public services. The CIPFA-GFOA FM Model is a tool that can be used by all members of the organization to reach a common understanding of where the finance function is today and where it should be in the future. The FM Model has been collaboratively developed with GFOA's counterpart in the UK, CIPFA, and is fully reflective of GFOA's extensive library of Best Practices. Built around universal principles of good public financial management, the FM Model can help governments of all sizes and missions.